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Jack Moore's "Letters to the Editor" Page - Taxation.

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To the "West Australian" and "Wanneroo Times" (Published 28/7/1999)
Dear Sir,


If we are to be a prosperous country, all those able need to be doing something useful, such as primary production, making engineered exports, or improving infrastructure.

What is not contributing, such as excessive bureaucracy, unnecessary work, causing then dealing with crime, and so on, needs to be reduced. These workers need to be moving into the above category.
One of my ideas is to pay the dole to everybody, working or not, needy or not, which will cut out about 20,000 bureaucrats who can then do something useful.

A tax has been proposed, the GST, where money has to be collected AND reclaimed at each stage of production, distribution and sale, a massive task for the tax office, and the workers involved.

Surely more complex than a tax imposed once and in bulk at the wholesale sales stage. This tax could be improved by removing tax from food, in line with the tax payable on caviar.

Don't let these productive people be sidetracked into unnecessary work. The Great Stupids Tax should be banished to the Faraway Tree where it belongs.

Yours Faithfully,

The Editor
The "Wanneroo Times" (Published 11/06/99)

Dear Sir,

The Goods and Services Tax

They say that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. This is a gross insult to the camel which is a beautiful animal superbly adapted to its environment. Banning dogs from the Antarctic was a committee decision, and so is the Howard / Lees GST.

Defining food will be a serious problem. For bread we will use the Lees Test. "Its quite simple, If it is plain bread, it is GST free, if it has anything in it, GST must be paid. Raisin bread is not included."

Yours Sincerely

The Editor
The "Wanneroo Times" (Published 18/07/00)

Dear Sir,

Food for thought - GST

While agreeing with Tony Rosario "why tax food - you have to eat to live" (WT June 29) Why stop at food?

You need clothes, a house, soap and toiletries, spectacles, hearing aids - all subject to GST. Also insurance. Remember the uninsured are a burden on others as well.

Only things that are not essential should be taxed. A tax on essentials is a tax on living. Bit like a poll tax really.

Only candidates with a policy of abolishing the GST will get my vote!


The Editor
West Australian (Published 24 December 2008)

Dear Sir

Poor are still taxed.

I must say I sympathise with Noel White "What about us" (20 december 2008).

I was also a middle income earner and brought up 2 children at my expense and paid tax for the benefits available to all.

But I am now receiving a part pension and welcome the handout from Canberra. Also one from Colin Barnet.

However, I do think these bonuses should be built in to the tax and pension arrangements, and not discriminatory hand outs.

I hope the new tax system they are studying will allow people earning starvation wages to pay zero tax. I can not understand why the basic pension or the dole is higher than the minimum tax scale.



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