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Jack Moore's "Letters to the Editor" - RELIGION

RELIGION - 3 letters
  1. The Preamble
  2. The Priest's Sacking
  3. Its not a religion
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16 Nov. 1998
The Editor, The West Australian
Dear Sir,
The Preamble

If we are to have a preamble to the Australian constitution, and have a clause to mention God, then He should be consulted, and, of course, sign the preamble.

Yours Faithfully,

23 April 1999
To the "West Australian"
Dear Sir,

The priest's Sacking

If God really sacked the priest, the prison chaplain from Melbourne, He should be summoned to explain. A good employer would have paid redundancy pay and allowed an early access to the employee's pension. Just imagine the prices scalpers could charge for tickets to the courtroom.

Yours Faithfully,

The Editor
The West Australian (6 January 2003)
Dear Sir
Its not a religion!

I refer to you article "Stop scorning our group" in Saturday's West, and "Send in the clones" by Gavin Simpson.
The leader of the Raelians wants the same respect as other mainstream religions.
Obviously 'mainstream' is nonsense, with such a small following. But they do not appear to believe in God, so where does the religion come in?
The belief that humans descended from clones from outer space can not be held with the belief that God created man. The quote "the creators were mistaken for gods....." tells us this. And the belief that we 'descended from the apes' is also not compatible.
And transferring our memories or DNA to a clone or a DVD may be possible in future, but will not lead to eternal life, any more than my Dad has eternal life through me, by passing on his genes.
However, the Raelians can call themselves what they like, as long as they do not get hold of any taxpayers' money.



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