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Kosovo - 1 letter

26 March 1999
The Editor, The West Australian
Dear Sir,

Albanians in Kosovo

If a fraction of the money being spent on the build-up for war in Kosovo by NATO were to be spent in Albania on infrastructure projects, a large number of the Albanians would return home to their own country. I hope people realise that NATO is not the UN and neither have a right to get involved in a civil war.

Yours Faithfully,

My letter was not published, "mainly owing to the volume of letters we receive and the space we have available to publish them."

The war is over for now. 200,000 tons of bombs, and 0.8 Trillion Dollars damage. Albanians taking revenge despite the peace keeping force. This will be remembered by the Serbs for sure. We can look forward to at least 50 years of strife !

Someone recently remarked that Serbia passed from Communism to Fascism without even a change of government.

6 November 2003
The Editor, Wanneroo Times
Dear Sir,

Fighting for a cause (Published)

Dear Sir

In 1937, my father's cousin Jim volunteered to fight for the elected government in Spain.
He was fighting against General Franco's forces, who were fighting the elected government with the help of the German Nazi's.
More recently, David Hicks went to fight for the Taliban, who came to power in a country not accustomed to democracy. They came to power with the help of the Americans, and were the legitimate government of Afghanistan.
Even bearing in mind the evil ways of this government, will someone explain to me why Jim was a hero but David Hicks is a villain?


18 December 2002
The Editor, Wanneroo Times
Dear Sir,

Out of his depth (Published)

I must take issue with Daniel McAloon's letter (Community, December 12, 2002).

He wishes people knew history, before they "make political ... views", this time on the subject of Palestine and "the expansionist policies of Sharon).

He then quotes assorted details of history since 1967 ! What about 1948 When refugees from Europe and Russia flooded in illegally? What about the 1914-18 war promise to the Palestinians to get their country back from Turkish occupation in return for fighting with the "allies"?

And what about Pre history? We know the Philistines (sea going people) were there when Israelites invaded from Egypt. Maybe it was promised by God, but I doubt if the Philistines were convinced. Why is it God never signs anything?

The Israelis have lost their propaganda edge over the Palestinians. Even so, most people of the world (other than Iraq or the millions of Palestinians living around the world) will not* do anything material for the Palestinians. * not left out in newspaper.

Perhaps protesting about escalating the war on Iraq is their contribution.

My view on this war is it can only go ahead if the UN approve. Iraq's treatment of the marsh Arabs and Kurds is not an excuse. I expect the Tibetans wish it was.
But do let us get our history right before commenting on someone else's version. Bias is OK, but facts can not be altered.


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