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Government in General- 6 letters

The Editor
Wanneroo Times (Published 8 March 2005)
Stamp Duty an Issue. (Dean Solly)

Dear Sir,
I am sure Dean Solly was disappointed not to win a seat in the recent election. (WT March 1)

But Dean Solly says voters focused on State issues, not local ones.

Well Dean, it was a State election.

Local issues like the level of the freeway are important, but are the province of the member for Armadale.

I think State issues include maniacal billion dollar spending plans are more important. The Mandurah railway and/or the canal are paid for by the voters.

How many people are putting off selling their houses because of the stamp duty?


19 January 1998
The Editor, The "Wanneroo Times"
Dear Sir,


Please see my suggestions for a new Australian flag.


Yours Faithfully,

To the "Wanneroo Times" (Published) 14/8/90
Dear Sir,
Suggestions for MFP

I think the popular conception of the "Multi Function Polis" is a Japanese golf course. I doubt if it will go ahead on that basis.

I would like to make the following suggestions for a MFP However, I visualise an Australian project which the Japanese may invest in if they wish to take advantage of Australian ingenuity. The MFP would be located on a gently sloping hill, facing north. This would enable two forces of nature, gravity and sunshine, to benefit the city.

For example, the water would be stored at the top, pass through the city and continue downhill for treatment elsewhere.

All properties would have a good view and would be ideally placed to catch the sun for the solar hot water systems and the solar cells to power the fibre optic communication system.

Gravity would also be used for transport to work, while the sea breeze would enable a free ride home. Of course, the city centre would be vehicle free.

Power would come from a wind farm, which of course would be located out of sight on the western slope of the hill.

This would truly be an ideal place to live, except that it is downwind from Perth city.

Yours Faithfully,


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