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Jack Moore's "Letters to the Editor" Miscellaneous Page.

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9 December 2009
The Editor
The West
Gollywogs Rule
Dear Sir

Beatrice Thomas's article about objections to gollywogs on sale.

Shopper Kim shpuld grow up. There are plenty of black dolls on the market. Its only a toy. You can still buy fake guns.

As for "African American Australian citizen" - give me a break!

Leave AAA for credit ratings!


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Editor

Wanneroo Times

Saves on Editing

Dear Sir

I have been getting my WT and Weekender from the library for about a year now.

I got the WT on tuesday this week.

On thursday we got a delivery of same in rolled up form.

Sorry - thats a waste of paper.

And so is the duplication of the top of the front page


December 25, 2008 10:16 AM

Dear Editor

Christmas Spirit

Glad to see the Xmas spirit in your office!

Page 19 "Risky venture...."

Kathryn Ryding gets called Ms Ryder later in the article.

And why Ms.? The ladies are mums and Kathryn Ryding is married.


Monday, June 09, 2008
The Editor

Wanneroo Times
Dear Sir

Good and bad week

May I suggest it was a good week for artist Mary Pfister and her art exhibition (Weekend 5-6-2008)

Not so good week for Bill Henson (The West 7-6-2008), whose pictures were temporarily seized by police after complaints from art ignorant public.

But make the comparison!

1 February 2006
The Editor
Wanneroo Times

Dear Sir

Bay Area of San Francisco

A recent article in your paper appears to be misleading.

The claim was that Perth is bigger than many US cities.

I have looked up San Francisco on the net, and indeed found it had a population of 750,000.

But this is the equivalent of Perth CBD, not "greater Perth"

The population of the "bay area" is nearer 7 million - far more than Perth!

I think your contributor should be informed, and revised conclusions printed in the next issue.


18 August 2005
The Editor
Wanneroo Times
Dear Sir
Work Safe

Your picture (WT Aug. 9 on page two) shows a handsome footballer, Mr. July 2005, in a pose to look tough by holding what looks like a concrete saw on his manly shoulder.

This machine is designed to use at ground level and has a diamond blade.

Lifting such a heavy machine or operating it without protective equipment is totally inappropriate. I suspect if it was ready for use it would also spill petrol.

Mr. July should be photographed doing something concerning football, not setting a bad example with dangerous equipment.


June 2005
The Editor
Wanneroo Times
Dear Sir
More about dogs

I don't disagree with Mr Davies letter about the danger of dogs (Joondalup Community June 30 2005).

But Jack Russells not agressive? Yes they are, although they normally respect our much larger size.

And ALL dogs are bred from wolf hounds, not just alsatians etc as stated. A process I call unnatural selection.

Hope this detail improves the debate.


The Editor
Wanneroo Times (Published) 24 February 2005
Dear Sir
Shameful Behaviour

We are all sorry to hear of the shameful behaviour of the children in the car throwing an egg at the grandmother.
That's eggsactly the sort of behaviour that should be stopped.
Its no yoke.
The car with the offenders sed off so they chickened out.
But it would have been all white if the lady had ducked.


8 May 2002
The Editor
The West Australian
Throwing Spears

Dear Sir

Please be advised they did throw spears at each other for sport. Just like we throw bricks at each other in cricket. Except the Aboriginies don't wear helmets.

I refer to your Telegraph reprint on P 21 of Saturday's paper.

I thought "eating dogs for anorexics" was funny. Why don't you print a book of his jokes?

But leave out the spears bit - IT IS TRUE.

The Editor
Wanneroo Times
Dear Sir

Advert or Copy

Ref WT of January 15, page 40 (Wheels & Deals) article on fuel catalyst by Fuelstar.

It looks like an advert to me.

If this product reduces emissions by 30%, it should be made compulsory!

But when I read the producing country endorses it, but University of Melbourne had a "negative test". I smell a rat.

And what is a "sub oxide of tin"?

I keep meticulous records of fuel consumption in my vehicle, and would be able to detect a small improvement. I see no claim is made for this, but if one is, I will volunteer my services to test the product.

Until then, I will keep my money in my pocket.


December 31, 1999
The Editor,
The Wanneroo Times

Dear Sir,

Millennia to Come.

I liked your cover on the last WT, and enjoyed the reminiscences of you correspondents. Very appropriate for the times.

By the time you read this, the millennium bug will no longer be an unknown.

Our computer experts have fixed the problem by having an extra digit for the year number. However, there will not be enough digits for Year 10,000, or the Y10K problem.

While we have been deliberating in Australia on the event or whatever of the century, the British have been voting for the event of the millennium.

What will things be like in 8,000 years time? We need to have a longer term view like the British.

Yours Faithfully,

19 November, 1999 Published as "Stop the silly situation" 23-11-99
The Editor,
The Wanneroo Times
Dear Sir,
The Millenium

Some thoughts on the millennium:
Australian Federation was celebrated on January 1, 1901. According to arguments, the start of the new millennium will be January 1, 2001, based on the idea that the world's most famous Jew was born in year 1, not year 0. (This date is reputed to be 4 years out anyway.)

If this is so, federation took place at the start of the century, and the new century starts on January 1, 2001. On the other hand, the year 2000 computer bug happens when the celebrations happen, at midnight on January 1, 2000. I think we need to stop the silly situation caused 2000 years ago and have all future centuries and millennia celebrated when there are two zero's at the end of the year number.
I don't recall celebrating the end of the decade in 1991, etc.

Yours Faithfully,

Jack Moore


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