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Jack Moore's "Letters to the Editor" Page - Government.
Daylight Saving

    Daylight Saving - 3 letters.
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The Editor
Wanneroo Times

Dear Sir

Daylight Saving
"Gretton's View" in WT., 26 September, needs correction.
Curtains in Scotland (or Tasmania for that matter) are very thick to keep out the light and allow sleep during the short darkness.
The people who want daylight saving must also be thick.
We had three referenda all voting no. A further referendum to be fair would have to be "best out of seven".
I have NEVER heard anyone say daylight saving fades the curtains.
I have heard a farmer say they have to milk the cows long before sunrise to get their milk to market during daylight saving.
It is time this subject is dropped. Daylight saving has no benefit.
Try getting up early!

Yours Faithfully,

The Editor
Wanneroo Times

Dear Sir

I would like to point out to Terry Beahan, who agrees with me that we should not have another referendum on daylight saving, that we have had THREE referanda already, not two as he states.

I am a veteran of four daylight saving referanda, the other being in England, where it was proposed that daylight saving be imposed for the full year. The result was NO.

Would you believe the arguments were the same, including fading of curtains?

Keep 'em coming, Terry.


Daylight again
December 04, 2006

Dear Sir

May I through your columns, appeal to your jokers out there, to think carefully before making fun of the opponents of "daylight saving".

There may be a reason there when it is suggested.

For example, you may say you couldn't get a sillier reason than "it fades your curtains."

Perhaps this was put forward from observations. How can that be? the cynics may ask.

Let me put forward a theory. Kids going to bed earlier by one hour each night for 3 months, means the curtains will be pulled across 90 hours more each year. The same applies when watching TV if your set is on the west side.

So now there is a theory, next we need to do the experiment. Proof is required that "it doesn't fade your curtains."

Another hilarious reason is the sale of take-aways because Mum doesn't have time to cook the chops.

So once again the test. Will take-away sales go up? I think they did in our household during daylight saving here.

The one about cows not giving milk makes me sick. If you want fresh milk the cows will have to be milked in the dark. Fact, pure and simple. Experiment done.

Now one from me. Watering will now start at 5pm standard time. More evaporation can be confidently forecast.

I never did buy the reasons for daylight saving. Those dealing with eastern states can just get up early. Why not work 5am to 2pm standard time?

Daylight saving is so the night owls in our society can get up early. But it makes early risers get up in the dark.


Jack Moore


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