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Jack Moore's Motorcycle Page

Royal Enfield Page OK Supreme
My very first motorbike I bought in 1956 was a
1934 OK Supreme with 250 JAP engine.             RD 5559
I bought a Power Pak clip-on during the Suez crisis in 1956. Fitted to my old bike I wore out three special back tyres. I did get a few petrol coupons, and got very fit pedalling up hills to keep the engine speed up!

Power Pak  ### This was my first (and only) Hybrid vehicle!       PICTURE

Power Pak
Then I bought a 1939 Speed Twin. What an image of speed! Actual torque no more than my later Tiger 90, but far less power.       PICTURE Triumph
MY first Royal Enfield experience:
When I sold the Triumph, the buyer left his 1932 Royal Enfield 500 Sloper sidevalve for a week.
Talk about low revs!
Old Badge
My next bike was a 1937 New Imperial 350
which I had when I started my apprenticeship.
My first "springer".           DYH 977       PICTURE

I also bought a 1936 New Imp for parts in Redditch.
A solid frame 350, but many differences.       FPD 560

New Imperial
My next bike was a 1939 Ariel 500
which I had for a few months. Acceleration was so good we thought it was sidecar geared!
My next two bikes were Royal Enfields.
First a 1956 500 Bullet.
Then the ex factory Crusader Airflow MWP 4.
I took this bike to South Africa.           PICTURE
Royal Enfield
I had three "hobby" bikes I couldn't resist: a
Royal Enfield 350 CO
bought from a friend at the Redditch hostel. (Sold when my mate on a 250 side valve BSA passed me).
Old Badge
Then a Velocette 350 MAC
bought from an enthusiast with a KTT near Redditch.
Martin Spalding liked the MAC so much I swapped it for his James 122cc. James
I swapped the Crusader for a Triumph Bonneville. CB 36568 He wanted a reliable bike, I wanted power and speed. He sold it; I got a bit of a heap but managed to sell it after a few fast runs.         PICTURE Triumph
My dream was to have a BMW. I found a 10 year old 500 at a good price and saw a bit of Cape Province on it. My dream of cruising at 160 km/h for hours was stopped by clutch slip at full throttle, but I still got over the ton on the local timing strip.         PICTURES BMW
Back in England I bought the Triumph Tiger 90 and joined the Triumph Owners Club. I remember cruising at 140 km/h with a huge suitcase returning from Paris with the club.
The R/H piston broke on the way to work one morning and I used a TwentyOne engine for a while during repairs. 792 FLX         PICTURE
Then I bought a run-out 1967 model BSA Victor 441cc and joined the BSA Owners Club. TML 747F             PICTURE BSA
I joined the British Motorcycle Federation, BMF after bad service from the RAC. BMF

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