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Jack Moore's Views on Police Corruption in Western Australia

Jack Me

Yes - they ARE corrupt!

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The police force was called the police service. They obviously thought better of the name.
The police force is a public service paid for by the public! Service???
Have I got more views? Of course. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, I would like to put down a short history of policing. If you want a long history I recommend you follow the link: Long History.

So we could start with the Roman vigiles of 27 BC as in the link, but it is normal to think of John Peel's force of 1827.
The idea was that the police would be from the local community, would identify with the locals and could approach them or be approached, without causing alarm. The previous way was to use the army!
So how approachable are the police? and do they mix socially? How many people would welcome the sight of a police car outside their house? How many Aboriginal officers are there?
The answer to these would be negative.


Blue Metal. Phrase used by police where false evidence to be used against victim.

Three witnesses trick. Pretend they have 3 witnesses. Problably the PC taking the statement and the other party's spouse.


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