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  Here we start with the family of Reginald Moore's maternal grandparents:- Now for Reginald Moore's father
Aunt Winnie (Emily Winnifred)?
Auntie Florrie (Alice)
Auntie Florrie Grandma Moore (Alice)
Frank Moore's Family Frank Moore's Family
Back row L to R:
  • Francis William Moore
  • Uncle Gordon?

    Front row

  • Regina (held by) Hilda
  • Elizabeth, Lillian and Winnifred
  • Big Group Edward's Wedding Taken at Mill Road
    Back row L to R:
  • Queenie, Jean, Cissie, Alice, 2 friends?, Rex

    Front row

  • Edward and Elfreda

    Mr Gough was a Canadian, and killed in WW1.
    James was born in Canada. Family paid for them to come home.
    Albert was born in England.

    Albert's brother James, was Dad's favourite cousin who went to fight in the Spanish civil war. He was killed at Boadilla, near Madrid.
    There was a book of that name written by Esmond Romilly, another volunteer who became a war corespondent. The book was written in a very matter of fact style and rather boring for anyone who didn't know the people involved.

    Percy Glenister married Annie Austing
    Daughters Marie, Dorothy Faith and Margaret
    Did Frank father Margaret? No one ever told. It is a guess. No other theories though!
    Mum says the photo on Ed's website, Florrie site/page5.html third from top, is Margaret.
    Margaret (Mrs Currant) had 2 sons and a daughter.
    One son died in teens, the other went to Derby.
    I'm sure I met a man who was 49 at Margarets house in the late 60s.

    Frank's sister Beatty (the Tooting basher) married Gordon Gill. Their children:
    Winifred married George Read
    Miriam married Jack Wheeler (both RIP)
    Lily (RIP), daughters: Dorothea, Christine and Kathleen

    Other Families
    Reginald Moore's Family

    E-Mail: Jack Moore