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Hobbies and Interests

I live in Perth, Western Australia.
I like bushwalking, nature and outdoor activities.
I go windsurfing on the Swan River.
I enjoy the singing in opera.

I am semi retired mechanical engineer and am interested in technical things related to transport, including:
Hybrid Vehicles and Motor Cycles, the future, the internet, and ecology. I have three web sites of my own.

Computing Matters

Computer Survey   What sort of Computer do you have? Survey - What sort of Computer do you have?
Website Construction Service
  I am prepared to construct web sites for $Aus 100 per page.    
Please e-mail me for details.

I have worked for:

  • Royal Enfield on motor cycles, bicycles and diesel engines.
  • CAV, testing diesel engines
  • Lucas Aerospace testing gas turbines
  • General Motors South Africa and
  • Government of Western Australia, first purchasing "contractor's plant" for the Public Works Department,
    then the same for the Water Authority where I ran the Plant Workshop
    then designing water, sewage and chemical treatment systems.
  • The Design Group made great strides in installing its "Quality Assurance" system to AS 3901. I am now a QA enthusiast!
Why I am retired, and what it is like Retired

Nothing moves without Mechanical Engineers....
Duyfkin Duyfkin
Garry Breen - Birdwatcher and Friend Garry Breen

Cockney slang & alphabet.
David Stevenson's Cockney Alphabet OR Alphabet 2
Cockney rhyming slang 1 2

These sites are under construction:-

POLICIES and VIEWS Mine of course


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Just don't expect to make your fortune copying without offering me a share!

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