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Is anybody else interested in a class action against the following?
  1. Singapore Airlines - I got food poisoning flying Singapore to Perth.
  2. South Perth 4 Wheel Drive Rentals. I rented a motorcycle from them which broke down.
  3. Another, removed due to settlement of claim.
Singapore flight October 3 2012 SQ223. My wife never eats chicken she hasn't cooked and left the chicken. I ate mine and was very very sick. She wasn't.
Singapore Airlines denies responsibility, of course.
The faulty bike had minimal teeth on the back sprocket and could not complete the return journey to the Pinnacles from Perth. I was fortunate to get a lift from guys in a light truck for over 200 km home.
The firm picked up the bike and the driver did not notice any damage, but I lost my deposit because of falsely claimed bent handlebars. No refund for my hire day lost!
I have removed another company from my class action list as part of a settlement; I received partial compensation. If you remember the name of this company, I am still available to give evidence.
More than half the compensation I received was taken up by court costs, and I agreed to withdraw my graphic and name of the retailer.
It cost me more than fees, computer time, printing, and not to mention stress and my time I could be doing something productive. But I will not hesitate to do it again if offended!
Selling goods that are not of merchantable quality is supposed to result in a refund without argument.

The product was NOT retread tyres. But I use this product as an analagy. And I add this is not a warning about retread tyres.
If you bought retread tyres with the promise they were nearly as good as new, you would expect them to last a reasonable time. If new lasted 90,000 km you would expect at least 75 - 80,000 km.
And you would not expect tyres to get out of balance after say 5,000 km, nor would you expect tyre dust in your mudguards.