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- Garry Breen -

Garry Breen died in March, 2001
This is my tribute to him

Garry Breen AB Able Seaman
Garry C. Breen
in Hong Kong
December / January 1965/66
H.M.A.S. Duchess.

Garry served in the Vietnam war.

Garry on a 45c stamp
Garry Garry in 1990
in bird watching mode

Garry was a great bird watcher and could recognise any bird call I ever heard in his prescience.

Garry, Jack and Rita Garry with Rita Sullivan and Jack Moore

Ocean Gardens
Floreat Park
A.D. 2000

Garry, Gloria and Rita Garry with Rita,
and Gloria Divers

Garry played a leading part in many bird watching projects and will be sadly missed by many in the "business". Some of his projects were reporting for:


Spotter's Guide

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