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What is a Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

A Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is a vehicle with at least two sources of motive energy.
(University of Warwick in England)

Table of Examples

All electric hybrid vehicles need a battery.

Table of Battery Types (Mostly from MIRA* )
Future Battery Performance (USABC) *1
Flywheels also store Energy
Super Capacitors Fast charge and Discharge (Item 5)
An Australian supplier: Cap-XX Pty. Ltd.
And from Switzerland: Maxwell

Electric Vehicles:
These need motors and controllers like those in hybrids.

GM EV 1 *
Honda EV Plus *
Electric Vehicle Symposia *
GM EV1 Bluebird Electric Car Record Attempt *
Berkeley Electric Car

Hybrid Electric Vehicles:

PRIUS Toyota Prius * Picture, right.
Honda Insight
Honda Civic Hybrid
Hybrid Vehicles *
Hybrids (California Government)
Dodge Intrepid (A US enthusiast at
U.S. Depertment of the Energy Hybrid Page
List of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Websites


Propshaft Hydraulic Energy Storage - Permo-Drive
A New type of Engine by REVETEC
Other Sites:  
News from 1997 US Tour de Sol


* MIRA - Motor Industry Research Association, Nuneaton, England

*1 USABC - U.S. Advanced Battery consortium

Hybrid cars - somewhere over the rainbow!

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